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relationship with a student. the u.s. supreme court prepares to rule on proposition 8. california's ban on same-sex marriage. we will have more news on this historic case. >> and after the rain and wind. the bay area is in joint sunny skies and warmer temperatures this weekend. >> we are waking up to a pretty dense fog. there is a fog advisory that has been issued. for the afternoon will be mostly sunny and slightly warmer that yesterday. into the evening we do have clear skies and it may get pretty breezy and the high elevations. visibility is down less than a quarter mile. the second look at the visibility charge. fairfield in concord are at about a mile. if you're going to be driving should allow yourself extra drive times and turn your headlights on. the >> temperatures are chilly for the start of this morning. 34 degrees in vallejo and we're expecting a pretty mild afternoon. 63 degrees in santa rosa and low 60's for down in the peninsula. your full extended forecast will be coming up. >> we will continue to track the weather after a few weekends of bed storm. it is expected to be a nice f
through the southern wisconsin. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals is blocking a california law which bans the controversy all therapy that aims to turn gay miners straight. the three judge panel issued an emergency order, to put the lot on hold until the court can hear further arguments. that includes claims from specialists who say, that it is their constitutional right to practice such types of therapy. governor jerry brown signed into law in september. it was set to take affect on january 1st. it would make mental health professionals who tried changing client sexual orientation subject to discipline by state licensing boards. >> we will be right bacterback. Ño >> we are back its seventh 3:00 p.m.. we are keeping an eye on the weather. the rain has been pounding the pavement. it is making it very difficult to drive. >> this is a view from storm tracker 4. it is completely lit up. we are getting a little bit of a dry break. san francisco, daly city are all dealing with some light showers. half moon bay will be getting some rain fall about 40¢ an hour. this inches. as for east bay
with a suspect who was holed up in an apartment. this started around 6-30 last night on california street near hyde. >> the neighbor over hood " was possibly a domestic dispute. the neighbor made some of threats that he could possibly have a weapon. they called the san francisco police department had advised us of this situation. that point our officers advised us they attempted to make contact. they believe that this person could have potentially had a weapon. police believed the suspect had a gun and may have had a hostage. in the end, the suspect police and was taken into custody. >> let's switch gears for a second and take a look at the weather. live look outside at san francisco. robin winston is in with a first look of your forecast. neehim yes. cold, cloudy but dry. the stormtracker 4 showing the dry conditions but we do have more wet weather on the way. make sure to keep your umbrella handy. temperatures outside are cold. not quite as cold yesterday with 20's and 30's. now, we are looking at 40's are run the bay area. 45 in napa, santa rosa and a good warmer in oakland. 48 degrees in f
, placed under arrest. if the california highway patrol says, it appears that he would speak at the time. >> tense moments friday at a busy south bay shopping mall. the great mall in milpitas was closed for most of the afternoon because of a bomb threat. no bond was some of the mall was evacuated. police say an employee at cole's reported threats was written on the wall of the men's bathroom. all sniffing dogs for also brought in as well as the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. stores reopened around eight last night. >> police are investigating a shooting at a busy san rafael transit center early friday afternoon. police were notified, a man had been shot a busy transit center. they say someone with a gun, got out of a gold sedan, and fired a man who was waiting at this platform. the injured victim stumbled away as he tried to a skate and he collapsed. the suspended got into the vehicle and took off. so far, police have been unable to locate the shooter. the unidentified victim is a 22 year-old male. he has taken to a nearby hospital. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. the conn
the supreme court on whether it will review the legality of same- sex marriage in california. the high court will not make any announcement until monday at the earliest. support to first of prop. 8 appealed to the supreme court after more course from the voter approved ban unconstitutional. if if the court decides not to hear the case, same-sex marriages will resume in california but, if the court decides to hear the case arguments would take next spring. the court also has the option of the lane weather also. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. police are investigating after a while the venture capitalists is killed in monterrey sa reno. we will bring you that story next. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> we are back on kron 4 news weekend. >> some great ski and snowboarding conditions are in th
's eve. >> will be right back red >> in southern california, preparations for the 124th enrols if parade will to stay are in full bloom. volunteers are getting the impressive flows parade- ready before show time on new year's day. this year's dr. seuss-inspired theme is " oh, the place you';; go! ". the floats all feature fresh and dried flowers. some get creative, using ingredients like rice and seaweed. besides the colorful floats, about two dozen marching bands from all over the country will participate in the parade. >> dachshuns race for charity. a lucky hound is rescued from an icy lake, and the world's tallest female dog. all the latest videos seem to have gone to the dogs! check them out, in take a look at this. >> neither barnes nor his new best friend were hurt. if those two dogs were not a nose. take a look at this dock from arizona. of world records stated that she is the tallest in the world. she's there is a little over 3 ft.. >> she has to be measured three different distinct times in three different positions. there has also be three witnesses. the owners' stated that he
than 800 new laws are set to take effect in california at the start of the new year.now just two days away. took at look -- and has some highlights. >> drivers licenses for illegals. there will be able to apply for a licence >> we will take a quick break. at the golden gate bridge. hazy >> earlier, phillipe djegal mentioned murderers given a second chance. senate bill 9 says some prisoners who commited murder as a child could now have a chance of returning to the streets. instead of life without parole. some offenders can fight for a new term of 25 years to life. and, drivers licenses for illegals. some 400-thousand undocumented immigrants will be able to apply for a license. this applies to those in a federal program supporting states as a child and have not broken the law. another bill out of the assembly. gives women greater access to birth control. a-b 23-48 will now allow certified nurses, midwives, nurse practicioners and physician's assistants to prescribe that medication. the homeowner bill of rights will also go into affect at the start of the year. it's meant to give battle
that the cabinet is called the world's best thing you have been judged by your peers. >> yes, california wines are world renowned nearly surpassing some of the europeans and with the world's best chatter has to do with our soil, land, and how we treat the cows it all shows up on your palate. >> you are a 25 year veteran from vermont. >> yes tell us how it different in other states. >> of vermont is green with a wet climate and also it is cold with plenty of snow and it actually helps our farmers because we have to use very little herbicides and pesticides. our cheese is all natural. we are a billable and costco, whole foods, a specialty markets. and other specialty food stores. >> what i also noticed is gluten free and lactose ree and you remove the lactose.. they will be fine if cabot cheddar the most popular cheeses cheddar cheese. it is the number one. it >> it is surprising? >> i wish we had more cabinet because there is a lot of interior cheeses. but other dairies will accelerate the process but when mother nature does it. it is soul important to read mother nature it's a serious charshar
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